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Join us for classes every Tuesday from 5:30-6:30 pm MT
Please note that there are no Thursday Yoga classes during the month of July.
Regular Thursday classes start again in August, on August 1.

Join us for an All-Levels Yoga class on Tuesdays from 5:30-6:30 pm MT.
Classes are held in-person at the ASHA (Albuquerque School of Healing Arts) / High Desert Yoga building.

All levels are welcome to this class. The class focuses on different aspects of Yoga, such as:

  • strengthening, well-aligned Iyengar-style poses;
  • breathwork - Prānāyāma;
  • gentle Yin stretches which lengthen our connective tissue and quiet the nervous system;
  • and some slow, mindful Vinyasa-style flows.

Yoga props are utilized as needed so that any pose can be adjusted to fit your body's personal needs.



Please note that there are no Thursday Yoga classes during the month of July.
Regular Thursday classes start again in August, on August 1.


To attend the class in person, please come to the ASHA (Albuquerque School of Healing Arts) / High Desert Yoga building. There is no need to pre-register a spot for a specific class.

Yoga mats and props are generally available for use at the studio. We do still recommend that you please bring your own Yoga mat and a Yoga bolster, if you have them.



Why Yoga & About Me

Yoga can be for everyone
and anyone's body CAN do Yoga!

So many times, we may feel intimidated by the thought of trying something new. But what often happens when we do try something new? Many times, we are very pleasantly surprised.

So, if you’re new to Yoga, don’t be afraid to try it. You, your body, mind & spirit may love it. Take the time to practice something beneficial for your body & its systems, no matter what activities you enjoy doing, nor your age or background.

For myself, I started my Hatha Yoga journey in NYC in 1998. My background is as a professional ballerina, starting my training at the age of 7 at the Vienna State Opera Ballet School in Austria, and receiving my Bachelor of Arts in dance & choreography in London, UK. I have studied and practiced many different styles of Yoga and meditation for over 20+ years, including Iyengar, Vinyasa, Yin Yoga, Ashtanga, and Buddhist meditation.

I am grateful to have received my Iyengar-style Yoga Teacher Training in 2019 from the great school, High Desert Yoga, and its master teachers, Zoreh Afsarzadeh and Kim Schwartz, and my Yin Yoga Teacher Training in 2021 from the wonderfully inspiring expert teacher Melissa Spamer. I am honored to have completed the wide-ranging, fascinating month-long Teacher's Intensive with Ashtanga Yoga Legends Richard Freeman & Mary Taylor in the summer of 2023. I have taught Yoga since 2019 at High Desert Yoga, Wellspring Yoga, Nora Hansa Yoga, for private clients and as a volunteer instructor for the VA's Mind-Body program for military veterans.

I also love being outdoors, running, biking, hiking, and swimming having grown up hiking and skiing in the beautiful Alps of Austria. And grateful for having finished my first Half Ironman 70.3 miles triathlon in 2021 and my first Full Ironman 140.6 miles triathlon in 2022.

All folks from all different walks of life are most warmly welcome to class.



George U.

Loved Nora's class last night! Perfect mix of strong, active, strength building poses balanced with those longer held asanas designed to help lubricate the connective tissues. Nora's instructions are easy to follow and she gives modifications so that one can tailor the practice for what is needed on an individual level. The hour flew by and I was in such a wonderful mood afterwards!

Cindy C.

My husband and I have been taking Nora’s virtual class for weeks and love it. Her descriptions and explanations are helpful for beginners and experienced alike. The poses are just enough of a challenge to help us develop but still enjoy the practice. She’s welcoming and has a wonderfully calming voice.


I was looking for a "strong gentle" yoga that would work my core while helping me feel like I wasn't overwhelmed. Nora's class is perfect for this. Plus, her positive narrative and occasional brief readings while holding a pose help encourage and guide me, which gets me really nicely centered!

Katie S.

I took the yin and yang class with Nora. She is really dynamite. She is positive and always has a smile on her face. Her passion for yoga shows through naturally. Try out her class, you will not be disappointed. Namaste

Nola W.

Frequently asked questions

1I have never done Yoga. Do you recommend it?
Absolutely. I strongly believe that everybody can benefit from Yoga and that anyone’s body CAN do Yoga. Many different props can be used and modifications made to any Yoga pose so that everyone can enjoy the class and benefit from it.
2I have recently injured myself. Can I still come to Yoga class?
Always check with your physician first. However, once the acuteness of an injury has passed and healed, then yes, it would generally be recommended to gently start your Yoga practice again, safely and in your own time, listening to your body. There are also many different styles of Yoga. So, making sure we’re not going back right away to the most demanding and active style is something to be considered.
3I am an active athlete. Can I and my athletic activities benefit from Yoga class?
Absolutely. I am an athlete and former professional ballerina myself, and Yoga is an essential part of the whole training regimen. It can make you a stronger and more balanced athlete and help significantly with injury prevention, such as from overuse. Yoga also focuses greatly on coordinating your breath with your movement, and strengthening that connection can help with many athletic activities.
4What is mindfulness, and how can it help me every day?
Mindfulness is, for example, about listening and becoming more aware of our patterns, including our thought patterns. Once we become more aware of our habits and tendencies, including our movement patterns, we can start to potentially adjust or change them, as needed or as appropriate. The act of becoming aware of something usually increases our insight and can be a great guide for ourselves along the way.
5What styles of Yoga are there, and which style is this Yoga class?
There are many different Hatha Yoga styles. This class focuses on alignment via Iyengar-style poses. It also focuses on gentle Yin stretches, generally held longer, that lengthen and stretch our connective tissue & fascia. These have many health benefits, including quieting down our nervous system.